Amanda Chan

Jan 2021

Amanda joined H2O Network in September 2020. She is currently our Intergenerational Meetings Project Coordinator. She is very dependable and can be counted on to be present and engaged at meetings and events, as well as helping H2O with tasks behind the scenes. She is always trying her best to share her thoughts and experiences, as well as understand others’ opinions, in order to bridge the gap between the older and younger generation. We are grateful to have Amanda as one of our dedicated volunteers.


Baiyun Lee

Dec 2020

Baiyun is H2O’s Fundraising and Marketing Manager. Since joining, she has placed tremendous efforts on helping expand our social media presence and promote H2O to other local organizations. She works well with other volunteers and is very organized, strategically planning online posts and events. Most recently, she led H2O’s first (virtual) fundraising event, which was a great success. Baiyun has a lot of drive and passion to ensure all projects are executed well. H2O is grateful for the dedication and creativity she has brought to the team!


Mirelle Ribas

Nov 2020

This H2O Spotlight belongs to Mirelle! Mirelle is a George Brown student and started helping H2O in Jun-2020. As an important part of our Recruitment team, Mirelle helps conduct volunteer candidate interviews. Her educational background in Human Resources and friendly personality have been of great benefit to building our passionate team. Mirelle has also helped create easy-to-follow App Instructions for our seniors/older adults. Her hard work is much appreciated. Thank you!


Samrin Sobahan

November 2020

Samrin started volunteering with H2O around May-2020. Since joining, she has helped with many aspects of the organization. She leads our digital literacy team, developing app instructions and resources to help older adults learn and use technology. Samrin has also attended many intergenerational group interaction meetings and shares her knowledge and passion for neuroscience with other volunteer and older adult members. Currently, she helps with marketing H2O’s services by creating informative and captivating video media. Thanks, Samrin for being dependable and a excellent team leader!


Brianna Esteves

October 2020

Brianna is a York University alumnus, where she studied Psychology. She has been an outstanding volunteer since joining H2O Network. She has helped organize and run virtual volunteer orientation sessions. She is part of H2O’s Intergenerational Paired Interactions and is a dedicated companion to Elizabeth. Through their regular communications, both have learned so much from each other’s generations. She has made a great impact in Elizabeth’s life. As well, Brianna works hard to promote our services in the community and leads our Outreach Team. As the Outreach Project Coordinator, she has guided the team in forming new partnerships.  H2O appreciates Brianna’s commitment and enthusiasm – thank you for all your hard work!