HIGI- Bridging the Language Gap

At this week HIGI, Sandy Robb will give a speech entitled “Bridging the Language Gap

Do you ever wish we all spoke the same language? Wouldn’t life be easier if we could always understand each other?

Sandy Robb is a Toastmaster, a story teller and a wannabe writer. She will use her story telling experience to guide us through some challenges she has encountered with language in areas you may not previously have thought of as a language gap.

After her speech she invites you to share your experiences in finding common ground.

HIGI- Mental Health

For this week HIGI, David Irving will give a speech entitled  “Mental balance and flexibility in a complex fractional world”.

Individually and within our families as our lives develop we are presented to events, some personally solvable and others not. How we handle these events determines our future. To say that having a positive attitude is sufficient in itself is self deception. However with good mental balance and flexibility along with courage and perseverance we will usually salvage some reasonable success. Being right sized and rational in our expectations is crucial  as we deal with the events that assail us.

HIGI- Landmark Leadership Lessons

What makes for an effective leader? What are the key leadership qualities that we should possess? How can we learn from great leaders of the past? Can history teach us about leadership?

Kunal Taravade tackles these questions as he describes 3 examples of great leaders in history and their attributes in his speech titled:

Landmark Leadership Lessons

Kunal works for a software company in Portland, Oregon in the field of computer chip design. He is the author of many scientific papers and holds over 25 US patents.One of his areas of interest is the impact of technology on humanity. In his talk, Kunal will describe the concept of Artificial Intelligence, its uses and misuses, and its impact on individuals and society.

HIGI- Rethinking Wellbeing

This Thursday, October 21th, Stephen Reingold will give a speech entitled “Rethinking Wellbeing”. Most countries measure their well-being using the gross national product. Stephen would like to share with us an alternative mechanism for measuring well-being that considers individual and collective well-being. He has been a long time Toastmaster, past president of his club, 777 Toastmaster and an Auditor with the provincial government.

HIGI- Opioid Epidemic

This week, our very own, Fraser Rose will be our HIGI speaker. He‘ll talk about the Opioid Epidemic. We all know about our Covid-19 epidemic but there’s another epidemic many of us are not aware of, our opioid epidemic. I’ll discuss what it is and what we might do about it.

HIGI- Expectations

This Thursday, September 30th, Leigh Singh, a recent graduate from the University of Toronto will be giving a speech entitled, “Expectations” in which she will be discussing how our expectations can affect our reality and how we perceive the world around us. She will also be sharing the strategies she uses to manage her own expectations and hopes to hear about your own strategies and experiences.

HIGI- A Purposeful Life

This Thursday, we have our guest speaker “Kunal Taravade” all the way from US. Kunal works for a software company in Portland, Oregon in the field of computer chip design. He is the author of many scientific papers and holds over 25 US patents.

What makes for a life of purpose? How to pursue your purpose with persistence? Is it possible for one person to make a difference in the world? In his speech, Kunal will tackle these questions through the story of a 19th century reformer in India who used his vision, passion and determination to bring about immense social, cultural and religious change across many generations.

HIGI- What is in a name

This Thursday, Sudha Datta, DTM will give a speech entitled “What is in a name?”. Sudha is a distinguished toastmaster and has taken many leadership roles over the past 16 years in toastmasters. He worked as Head of Operations for a large investment firm based in Abu Dhabi for over 20 years and lived and worked in various countries. He is currently serving various community organizations in Ontario in their board as board member. He enjoys public speaking and motivating others.

HIGI – The life of a story

This Thursday, September 9th, Shankavy Paramanathan, one of our students at University of Toronto,  will give a speech entitled “The life of a story”. Taking a deeper look into the origins of our childhood stories and where storytelling is headed. Shankavy is excited to express her interest in stories of all forms and would love to hear your stories and experiences.

“You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.”- Margaret Atwood