HIGI- Inspiration to Tell Your Story

At this week HIGI, Joe Milakovic, also known as “Hollywood Joe”, will give a speech entitled “Inspiration to Tell Your Story”. He will be sharing some personal stories and teaching you how to Tell Your Story.


Joe is an international inspirational speaker and active Toastmaster. Passionate about speaking and zooming through U.S and Canada giving over 80 speeches in 90 days, an ultra-marathon trail runner.

HIGI- Mental Health

This Thursday, October 28th, Skyler Li, a student at McGill University will give a speech entitled “Is mental health overly brought to the table?” There has been massive information in the media talking about mental health and mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. However, it is not merely the symptoms that give rise to a diagnosis. Skyler would like to welcome everyone to recall if there has ever been a moment in life where you suspected that you were suffering from a mental disorder, and if you still find it valid. She would like to have an open discussion on mental health with her perspectives regarding emotional resilience.

HIGI – The life of a story

This Thursday, September 9th, Shankavy Paramanathan, one of our students at University of Toronto,  will give a speech entitled “The life of a story”. Taking a deeper look into the origins of our childhood stories and where storytelling is headed. Shankavy is excited to express her interest in stories of all forms and would love to hear your stories and experiences.

“You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.”- Margaret Atwood

HIGI – Communication

Have you ever wondered why some people are so hard to communicate with? Why some people just don’t seem to get the message? This Thursday, August 5th, our speaker, Sandy Robb is a Distinguished Toastmaster and a story teller. She will share some insights into why our attempts at communication sometimes fail, and provide tips on how we can become better communicators.

HIGI- Some things I learned in Life

This Thursday, July 8th, Mary Szatcker, DTM will give a speech entitled “Some things I learned in Life”. Mary’s greatest achievement and award is past and present students who come back and tell her it was because of your guidance, mentoring  and that you cared.  Today Mary is still conducting the Youth Leadership Program Virtually and three of her past students are acting as mentors for her students.   Her students are all over Ontario, China and in Europe.

HIGI: The Rat and the Cat Experiment

This Thursday April 22nd, Fraser Rose will give a speech entitled “The Rat and the Cat Experiment”.

Fraser Rose is career educator and counselling specialist who has served many years as a principal in Ontario schools, both public and private, both elementary and secondary.  During the time he was supervising principal of schools on the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, he was elected to four terms of office as a trustee on The Hastings County Board of Education, and served as Chairman of that Board for two terms.  For the past 20 years, he has been a high school principal in Toronto.