HIGI- Bridging the Language Gap

At this week HIGI, Sandy Robb will give a speech entitled “Bridging the Language Gap

Do you ever wish we all spoke the same language? Wouldn’t life be easier if we could always understand each other?

Sandy Robb is a Toastmaster, a story teller and a wannabe writer. She will use her story telling experience to guide us through some challenges she has encountered with language in areas you may not previously have thought of as a language gap.

After her speech she invites you to share your experiences in finding common ground.

HIGI- Improving mental well-being

Our HIGI speaker this Thursday, is one our student volunteer. She is studying Social Psychology at McMaster University.

We have been sharing our knowledge and thoughts about well-being and the way it is measured. You will hear about examples of well-being interventions and factors that regulate their effectiveness.

HIGI- Deep Thoughts

Have you ever had to deal with something that did not go according to plan? Something  you couldn’t change or fix until you changed your approach?

Sandy Robb, our presenter, will share experiences from her years as a scuba instructor,  most recently focusing on teaching people with disabilities to dive. The challenges her students have overcome and the resilience they have demonstrated have taught her valuable lessons in perspective, persistence and positivity.

Sandy is a Distinguished Toastmaster, and a PADI scuba instructor with forty years of diving experience – thirty of that as an instructor. She has been diving on six of our seven continents – ranging from diving with sharks in tropical waters to diving under ice in Iceland and in Ontario.