HIGI Kick off Meeting – Pass it on

We are very proud to start our first intergenerational group meeting on October 1st which is International day of older person. Our speaker is Dave Bachan, DTM. Dave is a budding writer, IT analyst and parent of 5. He is a life long learner who has been with toastmasters for 9 years. He is a strong believer in the Toastmasters education curriculum Pathways, which he sees as a means for members to elevate careers as well as have impactful relationships with their respective communities.

H2O Bond Together Virtual Variety Show

The show will include:

Chorus Music Solo and Group Performance, presented by Chorus Music Academy, which is Vaughan’s premiere authorized Yamaha music school.

Pour Painting Liveshow, demonstrated by Sutej Shingare, an young engineer who is creative at heart.

Harp Performance, by Krista Dziuba, a professionally trained harpist from London Ontario. She will enchant us with beautiful Christmas music.

At the end of show, you are welcomed to join our social gala to connect young and young at heart!

Click here for the event registration.

This event is part of the Hand Over Hand Network Fundraiser.

If you are interested in helping H2O Network to promote an age-friendly society, you could donate via our website. If you donate $20+, you could have a chance to win a prize (4 winners). The result will be announced on our Dec 20th virtual variety show.

About Hand Over Hand (H2O) Network:

H2O Network is a non-profit community-based organization with a passionate team of volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of seniors/older adults by creating mutually beneficial intergenerational interactions through different engagements such as, companionship, mentorship, cohousing, technology transfer/training, etc.

Our mission is to increase social inclusion of older adults by fostering meaningful inter-generational relationships. H2O promotes healthy aging and senior empowerment.


INSPIRATION! Mr Hollywood Joe, Joe Milakovic, will be our W.I.N with PASSION speaker!! Looking to get inspired? Do you need some motivation? Then JOIN US on Dec 10th for a special HIGI night from 7pm-8pm (EST) for this amazing opportunity to gain insights about how to W.I.N with your passion.

As part of our H2O Bonded Together Fundraiser, it is a night you won’t want to miss!!

Branding Without Words Photography Workshop

Marcus Carasco is a freelance photographer with over 20 years of experience specializing in portraits and branding. He has an educational background in marketing and advertising.

Marcus’s philosophy is that your personal brand not only stays “top of mind”, but it also allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. There are many elements used to develop a brand, and your online presence is the most important of them all.

Marcus takes a coaching approach to photography. His sessions involve sharing tips with his clients prior to shooting to ensure a deliverable brand message is established.

Marcus has summarized his coaching techniques into 4 simple tips. Today Marcus will share with you those tips that will help you capture the essence of your brand with a professional headshot. You will be able to send a message that is engaging, communicates trust and has the attention of your audience.