Heart Over Heart

A non profit that connects young and elderly

Walking into their 3rd decade of life, the small newly formed family of Amin and Sam -H2O founders- was hit by an unexpected tornado!

Amin had just completed his Doctorate degree and was very excited to start his dream job and settle down with Sam, who had just started her Doctorate program. Both were fueled with energy and ambition when suddenly the most unimaginable news changed their lives. Amin was diagnosed with a rare type of leukemia that was accompanied with an unusual complication; severe strokes. After months of hospitalization and treatments, their faith, positivity and perseverance started to pay off. Amin eventually defeated the cancer and patiently walked the long path to recovery. Amin’s doctors called him “The Miracle Man” and Sam “Amin’s Angel”! Even though they went through very tough times, the experiences they gained were invaluable and life changing!

During Amin’s intensive treatments in the stroke rehabilitation centers, they connected with several seniors also going through treatments. Throughout these meaningful interactions, the idea of Heart Over Heart was born! Seniors were a rich wealth of wisdom and knowledge, filled with traditions, culture, and life experiences. Their profound insights on life inspired Amin and Sam to remain hopeful and overcome their challenges. Throughout this companionship and being genuinely and actively listened to, seniors also felt a great sense of connection, engagement, and empowerment; essentials to mental health and well-being, yet often absent at older ages. Amin and Sam quickly realized how mutually beneficial and constructive these intergenerational interactions could be! They decided to create an organization to bridge the existing gap between young and young at heart! And that was how the organization, H2O Network, all began!